Arnaque Mr. George Bolton - +4470457 05596

Vous avez été victimes d'une arnaque où vous avez déjoué une tentative, vous avez reçu des demandes suspectes. Faites en profiter les autres membres.

Arnaque Mr. George Bolton - +4470457 05596

Messagede David » Sam 31 Oct 2009 00:38

Attention tentative d'arnaque!!!

Merci de ne pas en tenir compte et surtout de ne pas répondre.
Nous avons désactivé ses comptes. ou

Voici son message :

Name : Mr. George Bolton

Phone : +4470457 05596

Email adress : ou

Commentary : Hello,
My family are coming to your country for vacation holiday, we will like to book in your facility for the holiday.
If you have accommodation, you give me the total cost including the tax,so that I can get our sponsors to make a Cheque payment to you for our accommodation.
Awaiting your urgent response.

Names of Guests;Dr.George Bolton,
Mrs.Lauren Bolton ;Wife,
Kelvin Bolton;Son.18yrs,
Catherine Bolton ;Daughter ,16yrs

Number of guest ; Four guests
Date of arrival ; 12th February, 2010
Date of Departure;26th February, 2010

Best regards,
Dr.George Bolton.

Et sa réponse quand vous lui répondez :

Thanks for your accommodation offer.I am glad to tell you that the cost and conditions of the booking are acceptable by us, so we make a firm request that you book the rooms for us. I hereby inform you that we are getting a direct sponsorship from London,UK and will like everything regarding payment to be settled before we come over for the vacation. A cheque payment will be sent to you from our sponsors in the amount of 10,350.00 Euros that will cover the cost of our accommodations and other necessary arrangements for us. However, we also made an arrangement with a prepaid Transport Consultant who will take care of our flight arrangements to other destinations and transportation requirements during our entire stay, we have decided that only one person will have to handle the cheque. So once you are in receipt of the cheque you are required to cash the cheque payment then you deduct 950.00 Euros as our payment for your accommodation and send the balance of 9,400.00 Euros to the Transport Consultant for them to arrange our flight ticket to your property and other logistics arrangement. I will send you the agent details and exact arrival time once everything is concluded. Kindly confirm this and provide me with your: (1) YOUR FULL NAME as it will be on the cheque payment (2) ADDRESS for cheque delivery (3) PHONE NUMBERS for office records Looking forward to a warm Hospitality!
Best regards, Dr.George Bolton
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